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Maintenance-Free Boat Batteries provides useful information about this issue:

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"Contrary to popular misconception, the so-called "maintenance-free" battery is anything but. The only difference between the this type and those not so designated is that you don't have to top off the electrolyte (add water) when it evaporates, but batteries still need to be maintained in other ways as they will not function properly when ignored (...) even maintenance-free batteries can loose fluid, especially as a result of over charging. The primary difference is that one cannot add water to a "sealed" battery, though some will leak if laid over."

Also, the article says:

"These batteries are also not maintenance free because they will naturally discharge themselves over time at a rate of anywhere from 1% to 15% per month, depending on type. These batteries should not be left uncharged month after month, but should be maintenance charged on a regular basis. Total discharge will destroy a battery so that it will never take a full charge again."
Do choi bang go | Do cho thong minh | Giuong tang go | Cui tre em points:

"Many y sealed maintenance-free batteries also require electrolyte level checks, through the window built into the tops of the cases. The problem for marine applications is the tendency for deep cycle use to cause electrolyte evaporation and electrolyte cannot be replenished in a sealed battery. It should be noted though, that more and more companies are producing maintenance-free batteries for marine applications and they are having some success."




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