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How to Stop Car Battery Drains

Popular Mechanics gives some tips:

1. Start with a fully charged battery. Be sure the radio and lights are shut off. Unplug your cellphone charger, GPS or laptop. Close the door or hold the domelight button down with a wedge. Remove the key from the ignition. Now use a jumper to bridge the battery's negative post to the clamp to preserve any memory and to keep from activating the antitheft code if your radio uses one.

2. Now you can put your ammeter in series with the post and clamp. When you remove your first jumper, the meter will read the current draw from the battery. Here, 610 milliamps is way too much for comfort.

sua chua dt | thay mặt kính | sửa điện thoại | thay cảm ứng | thay man hình | yến mạch giảm cân | | 3. Got a light in the glovebox? Maybe it's not turning off. Pop open the door and see if the bulb is hot, but don't burn your fingers. Perhaps the trunk light stays lit. You might need to get into the trunk and have someone you trust close you in to see if it's going out. Or just touch the bulb to see if it's hot. (The first way is more fun.)

4. Once we narrowed the parasitic drain down to a single circuit, we used this test cable, which plugs in to the fuse box ( to patch our ammeter in to the circuit. Disconnect, remove or turn off all the loads on the circuit one at a time until you identify the culprit





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