• Performance:

    Voltage: 12V

    CCA: 650

    CA: 810

    BCI: 27

  • Capacity:

    @5 hrs: AH

    @20 hrs: 80 AH

    @100 hrs: AH

  • Dimensions:

    Lenght: 12.52in (318.00 mm)

    Width: 6.73in (171.00 mm)

    Height: 9.37in (238.00 mm)

    Weight: 50.00lb (22.68 kg)

  • Reserve Capacity::

    @25 amps: 150 min

    @56 amps: min

    @75 amps: min




Flooded DEKA DP27 Battery. (Applications as marine)

Designed to give power on the sea. The DEKA DP27 Flooded 12V Battery as member of the Marine Master flooded battery series rises to the top in user-friendly, marine-tough service and extended reliability. HEAVY-DUTY DEEP CYCLE • More power for trolling and electronic accessories • Built-in protection against deep discharge damage • Rugged vibration resistant construction • Reliable power for modest starting EXCLUSIVE MOLDED-IN DUAL TERMINALS provide an easy connection with post or corrosion resistant stainless steel stud. OPTIMIZED FULL-FRAME PLATES better withstand severe service demands and provide maximum current transfer. EXTENDED LIFE SYSTEMS include special separators to prevent life-robbing electrical shorts and protect power producing components. FORTIFIED CURRENT CARRYING COMPONENTS resist vibration and maximize performance throughout the battery's life. Heavier grid and reinforced, high-density plate design withstands the demands of continual cycle service to provide more accessory power longer. Heaviest grid and reinforced, highest density plate design withstands the demands of continual deep cycle service to provide more accessory power longer. Heavy-duty deep cycle batteries also have special fiberglass mats to improve deep cycling and long-life performance.